Monday, April 16, 2012

Um, Who Are You?

Oh, hi there! Welcome to the Shameless World.

Um, who are you?

My name is Alice, and I am the Shameless Mommy.

Do I know you?

Maybe. All of my rants and ramblings used to be found on Escape from Mommyland, but as of today, I am taking up permanent residence in the Shameless World.

Oh, I see. Bad breakup, huh?

Hardly. It's just that my former partner and I no longer live in the same city. Or province. In fact, our provinces are not even next to one another. So it just made sense for us to go our separate ways professionally.

Right. Mm-hmm.

No, seriously. I solemnly swear that neither one of us will suffer a mental breakdown or a severe addiction to heavy drugs because of our split. Also, no one is getting their own reality show.

That doesn’t seem as fun for the rest of us, but okay. So what about all those posts you did for Escape from Mommyland?

If you look in the April 2012 archive over to your left, you can find every single post I ever wrote for Mommyland.

Even the one about the time your head exploded while learning to drive standard with your daughter in the backseat?

Yes. Even that one.

What about the one with the tell-tale signs that you’re pregnant?


Or how about –

Seriously. They are all there.

Okay, okay. But what should I expect from you here at Shameless?

You know me – either my daughter embarrasses me, or I do it myself, but regardless, you always get to laugh at me. Sometimes I get rant-y, sometimes I like to talk about celebrities. Or to celebrities. But mostly, it's just me trying, and usually failing, to figure how to be a successful parent. So basically, this will be just like Mommyland, except that it’s all Alice, all the time! Alright, that even sounds scary to me. It’s more like, all Alice, once a week! Or however often I feel like posting.

I hope you'll continue to follow my antics, even if for no other reason than to make yourself feel better. If you liked to laugh at me in Mommyland, chances are that you'll like me here too. There's more ridiculousness coming soon, I promise.

Thanks for visiting!

Love, Alice

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