Monday, July 11, 2011

The Top Ten Things That are Cute Now...

...But Will Be Irritating in 7-10 Years

You know when you hear a new song on the radio that is so awesome that all you want to do is listen to it over and over? And then after a couple of days, you realize this same thing that was once epic and amazing now makes you want to superglue your ears shut so you'll never have to hear it again? That's kind of like what happens when your child does or says something super cute. You revel in its adaorableness, and then pause to wonder how long it will be until it forces you into a self-induced permanent silence. Such as...

10. I not like it – I’ll admit that this is most definitely annoying when I’m asking Thumper to eat peas anything, but I’ll also admit that her broken English does make me smile. Not at that exact moment of course, because I’m too busy clenching my fists and teeth and offering my soul to the devil. But you know, afterwards when I’ve gotten a glass or two or seven in me, then I can smile and giggle about her horribly constructed yet adorable sentence structure. But when she's twelve and telling me so she no longer likes Disney Princesses and My Little Ponies, no amount of wine will make me smile.

9. Mommy, I carry you – What Thumper really means when she says “I carry you” is “I want you to carry me.” And while this phrase was confusing at first and is annoying when I’m carrying seventeen other things, I still don’t mind it because like “I not like it,” the poor phrasing is still adorable. (NOTE: this phrase is only adorable to the parent of the child saying it. Other parents, grandparents and strangers are likely to roll their eyes and tell you to stop the nonsense and stop baby-ing your child. Feel free to do so. I will just write you a letter on my blog telling you to suck it.) But if she's still asking me to carry her when she's ten, I will then be forced to tell her to suck it.*

*I will not actually tell her to suck it. That's weird. But she will definitely be glared at.

8. No! Cat! Come here! COMMMMEEE HEEEEEEEERRRRRRRREEEEEEE! – Her concern for the cat’s well being is both charming and endearing. It’s nice to know I have someone else watching for when the cat runs out the door, sits at high altitudes or buries himself in my freshly cleaned clothes. And while it will be equally charming and endearing when she’s chasing after the cat with make -up and doll costumes in a few years, something tells me the resulting mess and/or revenge the cat will likely seek on me will not be so charming or endearing.

7. I can’t reach it – This could be considered mildly irritating now, considering it’s usually uttered when I’ve asked her to pick up a toy or book that she is sitting two feet away from. But given that she’s not even two years old, I find it very smart of her to have figured out how to use my own words against me. (As you may remember, I often say this to Thumper when she drops things in the car and expects me to have go-go-Gaget arms to pick stuff up.) However, once she passes the age of five, it’s no longer considered a “smart” move. It will then be categorized as a “smart ass” move and those are two very, very different things.

6. More Ke$ha! – I know, I know. These are the two most scary words a parent can hear. I almost laughed when she said this one day in the car after some Ke$ha song finished playing. But then I imagined her ten year old self saying it. And then following it up with More glitter! More fishnet stockings! More mindless lyrics and bad rhymes! MORE AUTOTUNE AND ORGIES DAMMIT! But don’t worry. I have a plan. When she asks to see a picture of Ke$ha, I will just show her photos of Taylor Swift.

5. Mommy! Where are you? – This is about the only thing that can make me laugh at 7 am. And even then, the laughter is short-lived once the innocent and appropriately volume-d phrase uttered from a sleepy baby in her crib morphs into a cruelly high-pitched and vowel-dragging-out shriek from a disgruntled child who is ready to get the eff out of bed. But its annoyance will take on a new meaning when she's old enough to call me (or text me) every five minutes saying, where are you? I want to go to the mall. Where are you? I need you to pick me up from the mall. Where are you? You have to drive me and 20 other pre-teen girls to the movies to see Justin Beiber in 3D.

4. Oh my gosh – This is always a crowd pleaser. Okay so the crowd is pretty much always just me and Dawson. But still. The unexpectedness and sweetness of a tiny toddler saying oh my gosh in reference to something happening in Ponyville or in a Curious George book always wins us over. Alternatively, when the “oh my gosh” is accompanied by eye rolls, huffing, slamming doors and stomping, we will no longer be smiling about it.

3. La, la, la. Whatever - There is a really horrible song called We’re Going at it Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae (What is that anyway? A band? A person? Seafood? I don’t know) that gets stuck in my head all.the.time. Its only redeeming factor is that Thumper tries to sing along to the chorus and it’s freaking adorable but only because she doesn’t realize that “whatever” will be the word she uses to break my heart and dismiss me throughout her teenage years.  

2. I need this – Well, technically speaking Thumper, you do not “need” a soother or more cookies or to watch Cinderella six thousand times in one day. You just “want” it but your over-dramatization is quite endearing so I will give you (almost) whatever you want. When you’re older and tell me that you “need” a cell phone, make up, my credit card or my car, I cannot promise I will be so accommodating.

1. I don’t know – Initially this was a cute and acceptable alternative to screaming NO NO NOOOOOOO whenever she was asked a question she didn’t like, didn’t care to answer or didn’t know the answer to.  I’m sure that when she’s sixteen and mumbling a barely audible “I dunno” with a slight shoulder shrug while texting everyone she knows about how lame I am, it will no longer be cute or acceptable.

But all of this is okay. It will be infuriating for at least a decade, but eventually I'll get my revenge when I'm calling her saying, Where are you? I need you to change my adult diapers!


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