Monday, December 12, 2011

Good Days

Sometimes motherhood is exhausting. Sometimes, you get so tired of the never ending line of eardrum shattering tantrums, uneaten meals, and mountains of laundry that you swear you’d give up your own boobs if it meant you could have some peace and quiet.

But other times, motherhood is fulfilling and fun and all of those heart warming things they talk about in the baby books. You know, all the stuff your pregnant self dreamed about but then realized was BS when you brought your screaming, pooping, nocturnal bundle of joy home from the hospital. But seriously, those days you long ago dreamed of do exist. I promise.

I know because today was one of those days for Thumper and I. I don’t know why, but we had the simplest, most fun day ever. We didn’t do anything extraordinary; we just did some errands and went to a play group, but Thumper decided that today would be a good day to listen to everything I asked of her and to share toys with other kids. She also did her first real craft, with my help of course, but still. I don’t even like doing crafts but I had so much fun with her I might even try another one. She also willingly went down for a nap, which automatically makes any day a good day.

It also helped that I was in a good mood too. That’s the one thing I too often forget- that positivity is a two way street. It’s not just up to Thumper to share, I’ve got to have the patience to play with her and show her how to do things and actually let her do them on her own. For whatever reason, I did that today and it reminded me how well things go when I do. It’s something I’ll need to start doing more of.

I’m sorry that this post is so boring. I know you guys count on me for a weekly story of awkwardness and parental failure on my part but there just hasn’t been much happening for us since Thumper renamed herself El Dorado. (Update, we did see those girls again today and although Thumper knew who they were immediately, they didn’t remember her. I have yet to decide if that was influenced by their mother who probably still thinks we’re crazy or not.) But I promise that soon enough, I’ll have some interesting stories for you. After all, Thumper is moving to a big girl bed this weekend and we’re going to start potty training in a few weeks. God help us all.

My point, however vague or boring it is, is that you can survive even the most harrowing days in Mommyland. You have to, because the days when everything goes your way are so sweet. The days when you and your kids quietly and happily colour together, or snuggle under a blanket watching a movie, or make paper reindeers for the Christmas tree are what make those hellish days so worth it.


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